A Dawn : Breaking Dreams & Unveiling Realities.

A parallel world to live!
A world bestowing cheers for life. World where one have luxury of setting things free. A few hours ride to touch the limit of the skies.

“The Future belong to those, who believe in the beauty of their Dreams”
-Eleaner Roosvelt!

Some say it to be the only time when they can feel and sense ‘Real them’ and some Woes it to be a disguising phenomenon.
A roar of wolves, The hoot of those large eyed owls. The filling sound of insects, making falling sky evident!.

Once Sub-conscious mind takes over the conscious!. Things change:-
• Those who suffered jelly feet once stand tall!!,
• Those who fumbled once are found vocalizing alienating words!,
• Those who once hesitated to drive machines, transforms into “Auto parts”!.

Since things go parallel, everything is at the sake of attitude one opts. ‘Optimistic’, shapes up and ‘Pessimistic’, kneels. No other margin of barricading nature stands between the ‘Bulls eye and the arrow’.

However, out of the toughest things one encounters. ‘Having a tandem with sub-conscious’ leads the tale. That ride asks for Authority over the Sub-Conscious and making it more worst the moment you start authorizing it…… Cock’s Rooster followed by, Chirping takes over the Roar and Hoot!. Skies show their long forgotten existence to break the shackles of ‘Parallel world’.

Starting with a flare, followed by endless rays embedded by the ‘Burning ball’, Breaking the Dawn, pulls you out of the ‘Dreaming ride’, and piercing the veil of dark dreams, pushing to the realities!!.

On the consequential part, some scream out of joy being spared from the pessimism they knelled with!, and some feel awful and regressive for the optimism they shaped with!.

Mr ROOSEVELT :- My Eyes!
In spite ‘Dawn’ freaks you out, snatching all you earned OR Bestowing every bit that went away. I call this ‘Dawn’ a “call”, Call that gives you an opportunity to confront, confront with the ‘Real you’!!.

“Real you-you at soul, uncontaminated, un-baised, a foot above the material world you are spell-bound with, no cynicism!. ”

And when this ‘Real you’, strikes one recognize the veil he is surrounded with, ‘Indifferent’, he feels being in parallel or real world, the ‘Real he’ gets over the material things and transform the parallel dreamt dreams into Realities.
– Kunal